Removal Tips

Most Overlooked Places to Clean After You Move In

The moving day has finally arrived. You have successfully organised your removal, packed your belongings and hired an efficient house removal company in London to help you relocate. You probably have so many fun tasks on your mind, like arranging furniture in your living room, there are also those tedious ones that you shouldn’t overlook,…

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Reduce Food Waste Prior to a Home Move

A very useful tip you need to remember when organising a house move is to always start this process by dedicating a day or two to decluttering. Declutter your wardrobe, garage, loft… every room and part of your home. Don’t forget to include your fridge and your kitchen’s cupboards and cabinets to your decluttering to-do…

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4 Best London Districts to Bring Up Kids

Nowadays, a great percentage of the couples who decide to start a family and have children prefer to move to a place outside of London because they are looking to settle down in an area that has: Low crime rates A wealth of green open spaces Good air quality Spacious, yet affordable family homes However,…

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Determine Your Moving Style to Prevent Bad Scenarios

Just like there are different types of employees (team players, workaholics, glory seekers, profiteers, people pleasers, etc.), there are also different moving personalities. The latter is determined by the way you plan and organise your home relocation. In most of the cases, people tend to fall into one of three main categories of movers: Last-minute…

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Let Off the Steam After Your Removal

Moving can be extremely stressful and hectic, and at the end of it, most people feel exhausted, or even depressed. We know that you would like to avoid all of that and in case your moving date is approaching and you still have no idea how you are going to manage the pressure, here are…

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