5 Popular End of Tenancy Cleaning Myths Debunked

Internet is a great place that provides so much information to people all over the world. It helps us stay informed, learn new stuff and make our lives easier. However, having so much information available has its disadvantages. For example, not all information you find is true or helpful, including household tips and tricks. There are many cleaning hacks shared online that don’t actually work. We will help you set the record straight and separate the helpful advice from the misinformation. This way you can spend less time contemplating your cleaning method and more time making your home spotless. Check out the following end of tenancy cleaning myths.

Use more detergent for cleaner laundry

In this case, more is not better. If you use more detergent than necessary, your washer won’t be able to rinse all the detergent out of your clothes. So the detergent will linger in the fabric, making it dull. In fact, the clothes are more likely to attract more dirt too. So, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the detergent box and use the recommended amount.

Nothing can compete with Coca-Cola when cleaning your toilet bowl

Technically, you can clean your toilet bowl with Coca-Cola but you really shouldn’t. Why? Well, it does contain citric and phosphoric acids, just like other carbonated sodas, which help with dissolving rusty stains but:

  • It won’t kill all the bacteria
  • It will leave a sticky residue you have to clean

So, you can use it now and then to treat stains but you will need to use traditional toilet bowl cleaners for regular clean-ups.

Use only hot water to kill all bacteria

Hot water can kill some bacteria but the temperature has to reach at least 60°C to 70°C for it to work. Therefore, the hot water from your faucet is not effective when it comes to killing germs and bacteria. Only hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial cleaners will ensure you have sanitised surfaces around your home.

Only fancy sprays guarantee clean windows

In order to have clean windows, you don’t have to spend a fortune on top-notch cleaning sprays. On the contrary, as long as you keep it simple, you will ace this chore. You don’t even have to use commercial products to achieve great results. You can use your own homemade solution, for example, a mixture of vinegar and water. On the other hand, if you’re moving out and need to leave speckles windows behind, think about using first-class end of lease cleaning in London that will help you with clean other parts of your house as well.

Your washing machine cleans itself

Just because your washing machine gets your clothes looking spotless doesn’t mean that things are always spotless on the inside. Even your washing machine needs a good deep cleaning every now and then. The best way to clean it is to run a short but hot wash cycle using detergent, bleach or you can do it in a natural way. And remember, don’t use mouthwash. Just because it kills germs inside your mouth doesn’t mean it’s good for your washing machine. It gets too diluted inside the machine to do any good.