Packing for a Move Without Boxes? Yes, it’s Possible

Cardboard boxes are the synonym for house removal and one of the most popular specialised packing materials that provide needed protection for your belongings. However, such packing supplies can get very pricey and we all know that one of our goals during relocation is to save on packing expenses. Luckily, there is a way to both save money on packing supplies (moving boxes) and pack your belongings safely and efficiently. First, you can hire a professional moving company that also offers the most reliable store purchase delivery in London. And second, you can do it on your own by finding alternative packing materials that will keep your precious household items protected during transportation. You can find such improvised packing materials around the house. Yes, it is possible to move without moving boxes and we will show you how!

When you need to pack without using boxes

When thinking of moving house, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a stack of boxes. Moving without boxes seems impossible. Well, not quite, especially in these cases:

  • You don’t want to spend a fortune on brand new packing boxes
  • You don’t have time to look for free boxes
  • Used boxes might not be clean or sturdy enough for your needs
  • You want to have a green move and reuse stuff you already have
  • Using boxes is a waste of space (if you have oddly-shaped items), etc.

With that being said, packing without boxes is an ideal solution for you. But how to pack so much stuff without boxes? Instead of moving boxes, use alternative packing materials.


Suitcases are ideal for packing clothes for moving, as well as other items, like books, shoes, small appliances, kitchen items, etc. You can also pack fragile items in structured suitcases as long as you properly wrap them in soft protective materials. On top of this, moving small and heavy items is easy in wheeled suitcases.


Backpacks are light, strong and convenient. You can pack essentials and small valuables in them. They have many small pockets, which enables the good organisation of your items.

Garbage bags

Garbage bags are convenient for packing lightweight items, such as pillows or curtains. The best part is that you don’t need special packing skills when using them, and they are pretty cheap. They are very useful when protecting and moving hanging clothes. This trick will save you effort, time and space in the moving truck. However, keep in mind that they provide limited protection against damage.

Vacuum and Ziploc bags

Use vacuum bags when packing voluminous and bulky goods. Put pillows, blankets, jackets and other similar items in vacuum bags and suck the air out of it. It will shrink so it won’t waste space in the moving van. Sealable plastic bags are very handy for keeping smaller items safe when moving house, especially when disassembling furniture. You can keep bolts, nuts, screws and other small parts in them. You can also use them when packing items holding liquids.

Laundry hampers

Hampers and baskets can be used for packing clothes, toys, bed sheets and other. You can also pack fragile items in them but make sure you wrap them in protective material first.