Waste Collection and Disposal in London

Waste collection and disposal is a relatively common addition to many property removal projects, either domestic or commercial. In light of this we offer licensed waste collection and removal in London to all private and business customers. We are qualified to deal with the safe removal and responsible disposal of various types of nonhazardous commercial and domestic property waste, including but not limited to:

  • General household and office rubbish, including small bits and pieces of clutter;
  • Garage and basement junk, redundant appliances, unwanted furniture;
  • After builders rubbish, leftover construction supplies, rubble etc.
  • Green/garden waste, exterior rubbish, unwanted garden features etc.
  • Most types of commercial property waste;
  • WEEE;

Efficient and affordable waste removal and disposal solution

Our waste collection services London is the efficient and inexpensive way to get rid of all sorts of unwanted items and materials and open up room for living or working without having to pay a steep price. We aim for our waste removal and disposal services to be as cost effective as possible for both private and business customers.

  • We quote each customer individually and only charge for rubbish and junk actually removed (loaded onto our vehicles);
  • We are able to collect waste from anywhere on the premises including hard to reach spots like basements and attics;
  • Our service quotes and pricing do not contain any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges;
  • For extra value for money, junk disposal can be combined with the removal service customers have secured with us;

Monster Removals guarantees responsible means of waste disposal

Ensuring the legal and responsible means disposal of waste we remove is absolutely crucial, and we have made the necessary arrangements to ensure this, continuously. We work with a number of waste processing and treatment depots where we deposit all non-salvageable waste for further processing. Recyclables and other salvageable waste is separated from the general waste stream in order for it to be reprocessed properly.

Our technicians and Eco - friendly waste disposal in Londonvehicles

In order to avoid personal injury or property damage during the waste removal and disposal process, we employ qualified and experienced technicians. For removal of waste and transportation to designated processing sites, we use specialised vehicles of the appropriate size and load capacity. Since we are looking to provide you with a quick waste removal service, we would require sufficient vehicle access to the property.

Our London waste collection and disposal service is also available on a fixed schedule basis. If your home or office require waste rubbish removal and disposal service on regular basis, we will organise for a flexible and inexpensive solution which covers your needs and budget requirements. Waste removal and disposal services can be booked as standalone or in combination with any of our property removals.

Given the size and population of London, the British capital generates a lot of commercial and domestic waste. In light of this the city has an elaborate municipal as well as privately outsourced waste collection and removal systems. London is serviced by a large number of waste processing and recycling plants, as well as general waste tips.