How to Clean the Decking


Outdoor wooden decking is not the usual backyard solution for the average UK home due to a number of reasons – first and foremost weather – Britain is not the ideal backyard fun nation and we all know that so a patio is the more common alternative. Secondly the average UK home (at least in…

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Having a long distance removal

Map of UK

While most London delivery jobs are alike, there are some specifications for each and every one of them which people need to take into account. The truth is that a long distance removal in the UK is in a category of its own as it is pretty much the most complex relocation project your family…

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11 facts about the United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Britain is one of the most visited and interesting countries in Europe and the world. This is why we decided to present to you eleven facts which most people don’t know about the United Kingdom and England. 1: The word “Britain” derives from “Brythons” which is the name of a Celtic tribe which lived on…

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Ease your relocation and make it fun

Furniture unpacking

Studies show that relocations are among the most stressful experiences in life. Fortunately, there are ways to make your move more easy and fun for you and your entire family. Here are six tips which will allow you to do that. 1: Make a packing/unpacking playlist It may sound silly but it is a fact…

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The Right People to Put Your Removal Company on the Map

Effective marketing is essential for the success of any business, including removal companies. Today’s dynamic business environment and strong online presence have made competition for customers fiercer than ever before. This underscores that effective marketing is indeed crucial. Hiring your own marketing staff is one option to stay ahead of the rest, or at least…

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What You Should Never Do When Moving


Let’s face it a house removal is a rather strenuous and stressful endeavour that requires planning, skills and much dedication. That is of course if you do want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, complications and inevitable failure. You can easily find tons of useful (and not so much) tips about what to do when you…

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Expenses to Consider When Relocating Your Business

Plan an office move

Relocating your business can be costly; therefore, defining a moving budget is necessary in order to carry out a successful and smooth relocation. In comparison to moving your house, relocating your business requires a lot more responsibilities, planning and organization. This is why you need to define your moving budget and ensure funds for your…

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Preparing Plants When Moving Home

If you have green fingers or you simply enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers in your home, you might find the moving house experience even more challenging and stressful than it is usually. That is because relocating your pots of plants takes an extra effort. The good news is that if you know how to…

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