Ease your relocation and make it fun

Furniture unpacking

Studies show that relocations are among the most stressful experiences in life. Fortunately, there are ways to make your move more easy and fun for you and your entire family. Here are six tips which will allow you to do that.

1: Make a packing/unpacking playlist

It may sound silly but it is a fact that even the most annoying and laborious tasks go much more smoothly with music. So, gather your family and create a playlist that includes everybody’s favourite songs. Choose tracks with a higher tempo as researches show that such songs tend to increase energy and tonus.

2: Turn packing and unpacking into a game

Packing and unpacking are perhaps the most tiresome and time consuming stages of your removal. Converting them into a game will make them more fun and bearable. Once again gather the family and divide your belongings in equal parts. The one that first packs and unpacks his items wins. If your children are too small to compete with you and your spouse, organise separate games: one between your kids and one between you and your spouse. At the end, the winner gets a reward.

3: Use smaller boxes

The quite simple, the largest the boxes, the heavier they are. So, instead use smaller boxer which you won’t be able to over pack and therefore will be easier to lift, load and unload. Another perk of using small cartons is that they don’t make a lot of space which means that you can haul more things in a single trip.

4: Hire professional movers

Furniture unpackingPacking and lifting small items is fun. Packing and lifting large and heavy objects isn’t and this is why you should leave them to experienced and well-equipped movers. By hiring professional man and van contractors who provide reliable house removal services in London you will not only have the peace of mind that all possessions will be carefully relocated from one site to another but you will also have more free time to spend with your family while doing something fun and agreeable.

5: Eat like royalty

The biggest perk of moving from one home to another is that you stop doing the groceries and start eating take out. And since you won’t be doing any cooking, why don’t you forget about healthy foods and eat like kings. Don’t be hesitant to order all the junk food that you`ve been craving for.

6: Weed your belongings

You can rest assure that you have an abundance of items that either you don’t need or are useless as they are broken. So, before the movers arrive, sort your possessions into three piles:

  • To keep
  • To throw
  • To donate

While filtering your belongings isn’t fun, donating them to people who are in need will definitely make you feel better. The up side of going through this is that once your relocation is over you will have plenty of space for new things which ultimately means going shopping which is extremely fun to do.