Moving problems

When you are about to move out of your house you have some serious questions to consider and discuss with your partner or roommate. One of the most frequent discussions is whether you should use a removals company to deal with your relocation or to do it by yourself. A lot of people have experienced…

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Cleaning for everybody

Cleaning tips

You don’t need to be planning a move of your home in order to take some time to learn more about cleaning and how to do it properly. Still, check out the simple advice below and try to utilise them fully when doing something like an end of tenancy cleaning. Or ask your moving company if…

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Rock temples around the world

Valley of the Queens

Rock-cut structures and monuments are impressive and mind blowing creations which attract people. Here are several of the most beautiful rock-cut temples, tombs and buildings that you should absolutely witness in person during your lifetime. Lycian Tombs Located in the modern day Turkish provinces of Antalya and Muğla, the Lycian Tombs are complex burial chambers…

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The busiest airports in the world

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta-International Airport

When one considers the whole London airport system it is more than evident that our nation’s capital has the busiest and largest traffic stats in terms of air fair in the world. This is not surprising bearing in mind the simple fact that London is a global leader in a number of respects, including but…

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