Cleaning for everybody

Cleaning tips

You don’t need to be planning a move of your home in order to take some time to learn more about cleaning and how to do it properly. Still, check out the simple advice below and try to utilise them fully when doing something like an end of tenancy cleaning. Or ask your moving company if they can arrange for end of lease cleaning instead.

If you are a pet owner and a parent to a toddler, the chances you have not seen your apartment clean for ages are definitely high. And by clean we mean really clean. Not the occasional wipe and swipe or mop and hop or whichever rhyme you will prefer but actual sanitation. Invest a few minutes and keep reading and the investment will pay back. The tips below will give you some ideas on how to clean your house or what kind of services are there for you if you decide to contact a professional cleaner.

Let’s start with a couple of toddler-related tips.

How to skip some washing and mopping

  • If you are not fond of washing dishes or your dishwasher is broken, think of using some disposable cups or plates with your little one. This will not only save you time standing at the kitchen sink but you will also avoid sweeping broken glass or plate pieces off the floor in case any of the kitchenware lands on the ground.
  • Lay a big sheet of nylon under the high chair of your little one. After the meal simply fold it and throw it away. No mopping of the floor or carpet cleaning.

Sanitation fun for all

  • Vacuum cleaning is actually a good exercise. Not only your house will be clean but you will burn a few calories.
  • Hum or even sing aloud your favourite song while ironing the clothes. You will not notice how quickly you will finish.
  • Listen to the radio/the music channel or even dance while washing or dusting.
  • Paint some funny faces on the table or on the kitchen countertop with the cleaning detergent.

Become a pro in cleaning. Or even better – hire one

There are a lot of outstanding cleaning companies out there offering a wide range of services. Browse a few sites to see what they have for you. Or sit down with a pen and sheet of paper and note down the most important things for you. Do you need occasional or recurring sanitation services; are you planning to throw a big party and you need a team of professionals to literally shovel the mess up afterwards? Or maybe you are afraid of heights and there is no way for you to sweep and wash the terraces or wipe the windows? Or the only word on your list is eco-friendly, because you are using detergents and cleaning materials that are biodegradable. Then you need a company offering green sanitation services. You can ask for a team of cleaning professionals who will come and disinfect your home, reducing bacteria, germs, allergens that make your family sick and will do so by using only natural detergents. You can even check if they are not also supplying safe cleaning materials. A lot of companies offer special services, such as cleaning ovens, rearranging cabinets or polishing silverware. And even if something is not explicitly stated as a service, you can always contact the company and ask if they can do it. You will be surprised how many tailor-made offers you will get. Do not forget to check the pricing as well.

Take advantage of some tips, contact a professional cleaning company, or make a clever combination. Use some of the tips to maintain your home clean on an everyday basis and rely on a professional cleaner for some bigger (like spring sanitation) or specific (like window wiping or even mattress vacuuming) projects. Establish a routine or try something new every month. Find what works for you so that you can enjoy the little mischiefs of your beloved ones. Be the master of the broom.