Items that you should throw away as soon as they have expired

Laptop with its battery

Some objects are more dangerous than others are and you should not keep them in your house after their necessity or use has finished. Here are five items that you should dispose of immediately.

Always charge your phone with a properly working charger

  • Cell phone chargers

Most people assume that telephone chargers can be used until the end of time as long as they are executing their primary function, which is to recharge the batteries of cell phones. The truth however is that time takes its toll on these items and the older they get the more hazardous they become, as they may catch fire or cause a spark that may be the reason for charger to explode. According to experts, cell phone owners should change their chargers once every three to four years and even sooner if they notice any tears on the cable.

  • Expired medications

Medicine pillsWhile not all medications are hazardous after their expiration date, it still is not a good idea to keep them around because as they lose their potency they may cause unwanted side effects that may lead to health complications. Moreover, keeping old medicine in close proximity to toddlers and infants is not something that you should look forward too. Keep in mind that some types of medications require to be disposed in a specific manner, so before you gather the expired medicine, read carefully the instructions and following the disposal recommendations to the letter.

  • Old skin products and makeup

Some cosmetics are made of active ingredients that stop being efficient after a while. The usage of such products can not only damage your skin or face but also cause severe healthy complications such as allergies, rashes and even skin wounds. This is why you should follow carefully the expiration date on all your skin products and makeup and throw them away as soon as the date passes. It is better to buy new ones then risk your health only to use the last drops of a bottle.

Recycle your out-of-date electronics

  • Old electronics

Laptop with its batteryJust like cell phone chargers, laptops, tables, mobile telephone and other pieces of electronics have batteries and other elements that degrade with time and that may cause a fire or small to explosion. After all, it is not a fluke that the electronics recycling business is booming. If you do not have the time to take your old laptop and cell phone to a recycling facility, have no worries and contact Monster Removals, as they are known to provide comprehensive waste collection and disposal services in London.

  • Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are not super expensive and yet people do not change theirs regularly. Why this is, nobody really knows but people tend to use their toothbrushes long after they have passed their usefulness without knowing that this bad habit poses a health risk. According to numerous healthcare organisations, toothbrushes should be change once every three to four months in dependence of the items type and to the usage that it is subjected too. So, if you have not replaced your toothbrush soon, stop wasting time and head to the grocery store to get a new one, and throw the old one away.