Determine Your Moving Style to Prevent Bad Scenarios

Just like there are different types of employees (team players, workaholics, glory seekers, profiteers, people pleasers, etc.), there are also different moving personalities. The latter is determined by the way you plan and organise your home relocation. In most of the cases, people tend to fall into one of three main categories of movers:

  • Last-minute doers
  • Organised and meticulous movers
  • DIY fans

It is important to determine in which of these groups you fall because that will enable you to anticipate the problems which you are likely to experience during your upcoming move. And, as you certainly know, anticipation is the first step to prevention. Knowing the possible challenges that may block your path will help you prepare a Plan B in advance… just in case.

The last-minute doer

You procrastinate every stage of the moving process until the last possible minute. Even if you know that you have to have all your items packed on your moving day, you may still end up handling this task shortly before your movers show up. You simply hate to plan things and you prefer to improvise. Luckily, you are very good at the latter. Unfortunately, your unusual organisational approach almost always means that you forget to do something such as bring the keys to your new home, label the moving boxes or move the cat. That is why it is best if you ask a friend or a relative who is notoriously strict and well-organised to come and give you a hand.

The organised and meticulous mover

If you are a thorough and organised mover, you are the exact opposite of the above-mentioned individuals. You love to make lists and you have probably started planning your relocation with months in advance. You are usually very good at anticipating problems which is why you make sure to have a backup plan or two for everything. We won’t be surprised if you have even purchased additional packing supplies or opted for an additional insurance coverage just to get that extra peace of mind. You have done your homework in a very meticulous manner by spending hours on various internet forums looking for first-hand experience tips or you have discussed every stage of your move in great detail with your movers. But you too have an Achilles heel – improvisation. If something does not follow your well-outlined plan, you tend to panic so much that you end up not knowing what to do. Therefore, do not waste so much time and energy into trying to pull off the perfect relocation. Accept that there will be times when you may not be able to control it all and that is ok.

The DIY fan

Those who are on a tight budget, prefer not to use comprehensive home removal services in London and to carry out the entire move all by themselves. If you are planning a small relocation, you can follow this strategy. However, if you are getting ready for a full-house relocation or for a long-distance move, you will need a helping hand. Hire professional moving experts, especially if you have no previous experience moving house.