Step by step guide to packing paintings

Fragile sign

If there is a really complex item for moving it should be any piece of wall art that you can think of. There are several reasons for this are many: paintings are usually pretty fragile and prone to damage; they come in odd shapes that traditional removal boxes are rarely suitable for; and they can be pretty expensive which adds a complementary layer of stress to the whole process of moving them. But have no fear, there is actually a pretty stress-free way to get the job done. A couple of ways, actually.

Method #1: don’t bother with it

If you are too worried that you will not do a good job at packing and moving your painting/paintings, there is an easy alternative – hire professionals for the job. Most licensed moving companies offer specialised art removal services in London that you can make use of. Hire trained movers to take care of your art and you will not have to worry about it arriving safely at the assigned destination.

Packing and moving paintings 101

Fragile signIn case you are set on handling the job on your own, then you might want to follow the steps described below in order to make sure that you have everything covered:

  • First and foremost, hang the painting down the wall it is currently on and put it on a clean, flat surface.
  • Use marking tape to make an X on the front of the painting in order to protect the piece under the glass in case of damage such as cracks to the cover. Then use a piece of suitably shaped and sized heavy cardboard to cover the front of the painting.
  • Apply an additional layer of protection with the help of industrial grade bubble wrap. Wrap the whole thing well, so even if the road to the new place is bumpy there will be no problems for your painting.
  • The box you put your painting in should be shaped appropriately. It needs to be a little bigger than the piece of art itself so that it can accommodate the wrapping materials that you are going to apply.
  • If you want to put more than one painting in one box, don’t. If there is space left in the box once you have put the item inside, stuff it with newspapers or rags so that it does not move around during transportation. Check if everything is secured by carefully moving the box around and listening if there is any sound coming from inside.
  • Seal up all edges of the box by using packing tape.
  • Make sure that the content of the box is clearly stated on the outside of it. Write FRAGILE with big letters across it, so that your movers know that this particular box needs to be handled with extra care.

See, it is not as hard as it sounds. If you are careful enough, there is really no reason why your paintings should not arrive safe and sound to your new place of residence.