Moving with Your Partner for Their New Job


Moving itself can be stressful and exhausting, but when it comes to deciding whether you should move with your partner for their job, the stress levels raise sky high. However, your decision is something you really need to think about and consider different aspects before making up your mind. It really depends on how serious your relationship is, if you are married and what your future plans are. If your careers are important to you both, maybe you should consider a long-distance relationship. Before making your final decision, sit down and talk about it.

Discuss some of the following aspects in order to decide what’s best for you and your future.


CareerWhen it comes to commitment, being married and being in a relationship for a short time is not the same and requires a different approach. When married, you will probably move but that still depends on your job and whether you are ready to quit everything and move with your partner. If you are in a serious and committed relationship, what effects would quitting your job have on you and your life? Is your partner willing to support you until you settle in and find another job? Have you researched the market and economic situation? Finally, you just met and you are not completely sure what to do, or if your relationship has a future. Discuss all the options with your partner until you find an answer that will meet needs of both of you. Commitment is the main factor you need to take into consideration before deciding.


When it comes to choosing whose career is more important and whose pay is better, would it be alright for that person to quit their job and move? If the person who needs to decide whether to move or not has a career and nice salary, they should think hard before they quit and move. If on the other hand, the situation is other way around, perhaps you should move and try to find a new job after your removal. It’s relevant to research the opportunities and see it these are limited in their area of interest. Is it worth of sacrifice? If you have a family and children, your decision gets tougher because it also affects their lives and their future.

New Home

After you take everything into consideration and make your decision whether you want to move with your partner for their new job, you probably need to discuss your new place and neighborhood, even schools for kids (don’t forget the “donts” of moving with children). The last thing you want is to move to a new place without making temporary arrangements for starters. But, when searching for a house or an apartment, it is important to find a place that you will both like so that the adjustment process goes as smoothly as possible. It is very important to feel connected to your new neighborhood and community, because it will make it easier for your partner to fit in and accept all new changes.